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Mindful Habit Change for Performers

Did your mentor/teacher recommend Alexander Technique?


Or maybe you've heard about it from other performers and want to see if it can help you finally get un-stuck from the habits that have been holding you back?


Come see me for a lesson!

I teach online or in-person in Berlin.

You'll leave feeling relaxed and expansive, with simple, practical tools for self-guided learning and experimentation during music practice.

In a 1:1 lesson, we'll explore how to...

  • Manage stage fright or anxiety

  • Expand your breath capacity and control

  • Undo habitual physical tension, systemically and not just when you think about it

  • Increase your mindbody awareness for a confident and intentional stage presence

  • Release shame and perfectionism while actually strengthening consistency in performance

Sound like what you need?

Are you a teacher or coach? Send me a message to arrange a group class for your students! 

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