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Have you ever wanted to do something, learned all about it, and then…still not done it?

Welp, me too….so many times.


Nice to meet you. I’m Liz! 


A professional flutist and teacher who has spent years learning how to create lasting habitual change through the Alexander Technique (AT). 

Alexander Technique
[ˌælɪɡˈzændər tekˈniːk]

Alexander Technique is a method for improving mindbody coordination and developing conscious control of how we do the things we do. (read more here)

Like many musicians,  I learned Alexander Technique because I was struggling with painful shoulder tension. I knew I needed to relax, but no matter how much I thought about it, I’d still end up practicing for hours before realizing that my shoulders were up to my ears again. 


I learned through AT that tensing my shoulders wasn’t just something I did while playing flute…it was a habit I had ALL THE TIME. It felt totally normal to me! That’s why I didn’t notice while I was practicing, and that’s why, if I was going to play flute without pain, I had to learn a new “normal” by moving with intentional, coordinated ease in all of my activities. 


That way, my practiced quality of movement would be a stronger habit than the tension I’d become accustomed to, and it would stick around even when I shifted my attention somewhere else.



Now I show people who’ve been struggling with consistency how to make life changes that actually stick without shame or giving them more to do. I guide fun, strategic experiments that strengthen your ability to act with embodied awareness so that you can move more easily (by doing less) and finally gain control of your mental and physical habits - not just keep noticing them when the moment is over. 


I know from experience that changing longstanding habits and beliefs takes time. I also know that with compassion, commitment, and a flexible, strategic approach, IT IS POSSIBLE.


So if you’re ready to let go of what you think you “should'' be able to do, and start making progress that actually reflects who you are and what’s going on in your life, I’ll be your #1 cheerleader.

What do you need help with?

A few of my favorite things...



COOKING (and eating!)



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Feedback from a student...

"Liz is a fantastic teacher whose enthusiasm, kindness, and patience are readily apparent. Her ability to tailor each lesson to match my interests and circumstances has kept me engaged and consistently working towards my goals. Through her Alexander Technique lessons I have learnt not just how my posture and composure affects the quality of everything I do, but also how to enact real change in my life."

- Dan M., QA Engineer

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