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"Oh yeah, I've been meaning to do that"

What we know isn't always what we do

Turn your intent into action!

The key to finally making lasting change is strategy & support

Ready to think and move more intentionally? Here's what you need to know:

  • I don't deal with "perfect world" solutions. Let's start by ditching what you think you "should" be able to do, and then I'll support you as we work towards achievable goals.

  • Did I mention this is a "should"-free space?

  • Science shows that we learn best through fun and repetition! 

Workspace Audit

Personalized Workspace Audit

I get it. When you go to work, you want to just dive right in and get to it. So when you stand up after 3 hours and your back hurts, you know there's probably something you could change but.... you don't know where to start/don't have the time/it simply hasn't been a priority.  Or, let me guess, you just need a new chair.

What if, instead of waiting for the "right" time or equipment to get started, you let me help set up your space in a way that supports the ways you actually move and work?


In a Personalized Workspace Audit, you show me your workspace and what you do there, and I'll help you set it up so that everything you need to support your body and your workflow is already there waiting for you!


The best part is that you'll learn how to apply this information to any "workspace," whether it's your office desk, piano, painting easel, kitchen counter, or video game console.

We'll review...

✓Principles of Ergonomics

✓Basic Anatomy and Functioning

✓What do you use? (Tools, furniture, body parts)

✓How do you interact with your space?

✓What problems are you facing?

Then we'll...

✓Make strategic, budget-friendly modifications that you'll ACTUALLY implement and enjoy! 

What's included?

Each Workspace Audit consists of an initial 60-minute consultation + a 45-minute follow-up.


You'll also get...

✓Handouts to review

✓Supplemental resources

Ongoing support! I'm not going to overwhelm you with information and leave you hanging.

Send me your follow-up questions! Share pictures of your progress. Let's work on it together.

Here's what others have said...

"I was uncomfortable at my workstation and constantly shifting position, despite researching ergonomic setups and investing in a pricier office chair. After my consultation with Liz, I learned that some manufacturers don't account for the female figure and we found some ways to compensate for that. Now, thanks to Liz, my shifting has decreased drastically, my legs don't get numb anymore and I can focus on my work more easily."

-Helene L., artist

You might have one of these questions...

  • What if I freelance/WFH and don't have a set workspace?
    Then you know how frustrating it can be to set up at a cafe or co-working space with too-small tables or slippery stools, and think, "well, I guess I just won't be comfortable today." The lack of control over your workspace is exactly why the Workspace Audit is invaluable for freelancers. Sometimes there's only so much we can do. But with a little bit of ergonomic know-how and creative strategy, you can usually make some change - either to your environment or to your approach to the situation - that will make it more sustainably comfortable. After your Audit, you'll have specific guiding questions and creative solutions you can apply to any workspace - yes, even at a cafe.
  • Am I gonna have to buy expensive equipment?
    Nope! My goal is to give you information and creative strategies that you can use ANYWHERE, budget or no budget, to make your space better suited to your individual needs. For example: Some people like to have a monitor stand to raise their computer screen. These can be chic and expensive. You can also put your screen on a pile of books or a cardboard box. The important thing is that you understand WHY this is helpful and how it fits into the context of your overall space. That way, you can make modifications that suit your budget and don't rely on you being in the same place every time.
  • What if I WANT product recommendations? Can you help me decide what to buy?
    Sure thing! Everyone's body, habits, budget, and work needs are different - that's why I don't generally give blanket product recommendations. My job is to teach YOU how to figure out what you need and how to assess whether a product is going to meet that need. That said, I do have a few products and brands that I prefer. So if you're looking to make an upgrade or received money from your company, I can give you pointers once we've met. But again, the most important thing isn't the product - it's you, and it's making sure you understand how a given product will support you. I also offer support and feedback along the way. So if you book an audit and decide you want to get a new desk/chair/what-have-you, I'll be happy to help you decide! (Hint: That's why the Audit comes with a follow-up! So you have time to ask me questions, like, "What do you think about this?" and then we can get your new equipment set up together.)
  • But I already know I need to "sit up straighter," and don't do is this going to change that?
    Because I am an expert in sustainable, embodied, HABIT CHANGE. The reason you don't implement the things you've learned, or you periodically think, "oh, I just need to sit up straighter" and then the change lasts for 30 seconds, is because... Conventional advice on "posture" is inaccurate and physically uncomfortable. If you're not "sitting up straight," it's probably because that isn't comfortable for you. If you're used to slouching or leaning on one leg, your setup is likely organized around those habits. And all the ergonomic furniture in the world isn't going to help if you don't understand how the various parts interact (desk-chair-monitor-you) or the relationship between what you use and HOW you're using it. This is why people tell me, "I spent lots of money on a new chair but my back still hurts." The furniture changed, but your habits didn't. Practicing new ways of moving and interacting with your space AKA changing a habit - takes time and intentional strategy. Most classes on ergonomics don't address this at all, and the PDF you received from your company definitely didn't. ✔️That's why I teach mindbody awareness and principles of ergonomics that work with YOUR body - not a "one-size-fits-all" version of "good posture" that leaves you wondering, "am I doing it right?" ✔️That's why my Audit includes follow-up (oh hey, accountability!). ✔️That's why I teach simple, personalized strategies for habit change that we PRACTICE - so you remember and have a chance to actually implement the things you've learned.
  • Wow, I wish my company offered this. Do you work with groups?
    Heck yes! If you're reading this and thinking, "Shoot, I wish I'd done this before I spent all that money," or you think your whole team could benefit from an audit, send me a message! I'd be thrilled to teach a group class or partner with your company to offer Audits to new employees.
  • This sounds really much time will I need?
    If you're wondering, "How will I fit it into my schedule?" here's a detailed breakdown: You'll receive my Pre-Audit Survey and "Guide to Taking Your Ideal Office Measurements." It's not long, but I recommend taking 2-3 days to fill it out so you can really reflect and not just guess the answers. We'll have a one-hour consultation, either on Zoom or in-person! 1-3 week break. You'll likely have changes to make, habits to try, stuff you want to buy or move around... This time is for you to start doing those things. 30-minute follow-up for accountability, adjustments, and review.
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