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Why Your One-Time Ergonomics Workshop Doesn't Make a Difference

There. I said it. It doesn't matter how good the information is, or how motivating the speaker. If you're offering one-time workshops on ergonomics or healthy work routines, and they don't provide...

✓ Built-in time for implementation and feedback

✓ Recurring opportunities for guided practice

✓ Strategic and realistic methods for habit change (no, it's not willpower)

✓ Ways to overcome mindset obstacles

✓ An embodied understanding of the information and its usefulness

....then the majority of your employees are going to say, "Wow, I bet I would feel better if I did that..." and then continue doing what they're used to doing.

Yes, even if it feels bad over time.

Put another way:

You are wasting your company's money on one-time workshops that aren't designed to create lasting change.

Here's why.

You probably know from experience that we humans act on what FEELS right. When you go to work, sit at your desk, and hunch or clench your jaw, it isn't because it feels good - it's because it feels like what you always do. And what we do regularly - habitually - is easy. Even if we know that something else is better for us in the long term, the easy, habitual thing we're used to doing is what feels right. And unless we take the time to consciously change what "right" feels like, the old habit is what will prevail.

That's why any class that teaches information without showing you how to implement it AND make it feel more "right" than what you're used to going to be really, really limited in its impact.

Here's what I recommend instead:

Just as habits take time to form, they take time to undo or to learn anew. So if you want your employees to not just learn new ways of moving, sitting, etc., but also to do them, you need a solution that allows them time to make that change.

That's why I offer new private students a beginner's 4-pack instead of a single intro lesson. And it's why, instead of an expensive one-time workshop that promises concentrated value in a short amount of time, I recommend a course that supports your employees in making incremental but sustainable change over time.

My 8-week foundations course, "Healthy Habits for Body and Mind" is one such option. Or alternatively, if you have employees who are new to management or presentation as part of their role, I offer a 4-week workshop on Mindful Communication and Presence.

You can email me at for a PDF with the details for both.

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